Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Adventures of Skipper and Slouch Revisited

I've got performance anxiety. Meet the newest member of the 1800PetMeds freelance team... AND... wait for it... PetMeds blogger!  Me... a blogger...on the PetMeds Team ??!?!!!!???  This is so "pawsome" (baaaaad), and I get to create practical, web-smart descriptions for various pet products (I know the specs for the Solvit Waterproof Rear Bench Seat Cover by heart!) and I can be all bloggety (okay, braggety) about my boys through cute photos and more fun product reviewing and stories.'s like Dodger and Oliver's "Adventures of Skipper and Slouch" is going public - if having more than three followers is "going public" - as I chronicle their crazy adventures. That is so cool... I just hope the boys don't go getting big heads about it. I'll try to keep the "pawpawrazzi" at bay. 

I'm just so nervous... I mean look at my own blog. How terrible of me to leave you all hanging after actually walking the 2-Day AVON Walk for Breast Cancer in DC with my sister - a completely life-changing experience that I am STILL having trouble describing through my keyboard. Got a few hours? Let's take a walk and talk... and watch for Team Cupcake Head to rock the house/sidewalk in NYC 2013.

Right now, though, I'm warming up to go through the doggy door of freelance writing and I don't want it to hit me on the butt on my way in.... so, deep breath...  new moleskine... remember  that "well begun is half done"... and somewhere over some rainbow is a feeling of success. SQUIRRRRREL! 

For pictures worth a million words, click on the photo of the exhausted Winston Sisters to the left (to the left, to the left...)

*Sap Alert* - Thank you to an awesome friend who made this opportunity possible...because that's what friends do... they care, they notice, they applaud, they cheer you on and they open doors you were too afraid to even approach. Thank you so much for encouraging me to "stop saying can't" in more ways than one.