Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vote Harley for Governor of Idaho!

He's living in his own Private  - or would that public - Idaho.
Ya gotta admit, he'd make politics a whole lot more fun to watch!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pinterest - Blogging By Design

I admit it. I've been neglecting my little wedge of the web, my (poorly SEO'd) blog, my story, my rants, my raves, my bullshit, my feelings and photos... oh wait... I'm addicted to Pinterest. It's like bulletin boards and lots of scotch tape and Sean Cassidy posters - a powerful graphic novel, an orgy of beauty and knowledge, and adorable shoes... lives I want to live without having to think of the words to describe my world. Again, this is assuming that eyesballs someday lay eyes on this... and with that, I would like to introduce Pinterest by a Podunk Princess. A work in progress, but aren't we all... and wouldn't the original cover illustration of The Magic Finger make an cool tattoo? 
 lead us into temptation...

I love my blog, and I visit it, and enjoy the memories, and laugh, and edit, and add to (or remove from) it, and realize that sometimes words just ruin it (insert musical line here) Ahhh, HAIR... my eyes are open, my eyes are open... and with that, welcome to the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. I can't tell if it's sucked my soul or given me back my soul. Just a note: I don't do DIY... but you've probably figured that out by now.