Saturday, November 15, 2014

One Pair Left

Those three words are going to be the financial nail in my coffin - ugh, hate cliches - how about my epitaph? That would be appropriate for my tombstone: Submit Order. Two very powerful words, which taken out of context are kind of scary... but I have to be careful not to preach, I can't pretend that I can teach (thank you again, Pete).

As an aside... "And on the dance floor, broken glass." Not yet understanding what "bloody" meant in British lyrics, I assumed all the faces in empty rows had been sliced with bottles. Funny how wisdom works. It's a game-changer.

*HUGE GRIN ALERT!* I am so excited to see Ingrid Michaelson at The State Theatre next week. I just bought one ticket and the seating chart gods rewarded me with an end seat in the center orchestra. It may be Row U, but it's an end seat! Only one stranger who has to deal with me. I apologize in advance to the person seated next to me (I think it's Seat 112), I will be goose-bumping throughout the show. And I really do sing on key. Ask my husband. He likes to remind me that the audience has paid to hear the performer, not me. He knows me so well.

It is so nice too have my laptop back. It's keeping my legs warm.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


my new phone screensaver

Ummm... your high beams are on.

DIY Project to raise awareness #1: all you need is a 13 year-old car that has lost its decorative manufacturer's crappy plastic logo plate and some a bottle of PEEEEENK nail polish! Ta-dah! Hey, it was cheaper than buying a new H! Happy Pinktober! 

Husband not thrilled, but I'm loving it.
#justraisingsawareness #earlydetection #CancerSucks!

Oh, did I leave my high beams on?
So sorry... there really are more important issues at hand. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Alternate Universe

A place where there are no worries or regret or anger or sin. 

Maybe it's what Heaven will kinda look like.

It's my forever.

It serves up a jaw-dropping Bloody Mary for $10!!!

And everyone has 20/20 vision! PERFECT eyesight!

I would be a Marketing & Advertising Guru (yes, +GEICO Insurance, I am talking to you) and then I could afford repairs the repairs necessary to pass inspection, and maybe have a little left over to visit my best friend in Atlanta as alerts below $300 are running far and few between.

Actually this photo was taken at Casa De Lewellen. HAH!

Now you know why I have an Alternate Universe.

Crying at all is not allowed...

And every car has a WHO plate.


and every evening ends with this.

I like my alternate universe.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


it will be mine.


i know i'm supposed to be a wordsmith but i just see blank canvas right now.  i see polaroids.  i see daydreams. i see my parallel universe... getting too deep for ya? a photo says so much more than a person ever can.

Where did the journey start?


I love when you see my building in this shot.
You have no idea how much trouble we could into in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. April and I got kicked out the Temple of Dendur for eating poundcake in it. Guard not happy...
But the poundcake was from Greenberg's! It was soooooo good.

So now it's the country life.

And I root for my boys!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
And it's Chase Season!!! #nascar

So I keep on keepin' on. What can I say?

Besides, whatever I can say, Natalie Dee can say it better

Oh, and I'm growing my hair out. Just in case you confuse me with someone who has an awesome pixie cut the I love and I miss, but I just can't afford. Oh well... and growing out hair is like having a new toy... or a new pet! Except humidity is a b*itch! I need to learn how to use a blow dryer.

nuff said

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Next Year We Party!!!

Happy 9 Year Cancerversary!
My surgeons are amazing. Thank you Alex and Mia.
My boobs'll be at my chin when I'm 90!

What hat???

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vote Harley for Governor of Idaho!

He's living in his own Private  - or would that public - Idaho.
Ya gotta admit, he'd make politics a whole lot more fun to watch!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pinterest - Blogging By Design

I admit it. I've been neglecting my little wedge of the web, my (poorly SEO'd) blog, my story, my rants, my raves, my bullshit, my feelings and photos... oh wait... I'm addicted to Pinterest. It's like bulletin boards and lots of scotch tape and Sean Cassidy posters - a powerful graphic novel, an orgy of beauty and knowledge, and adorable shoes... lives I want to live without having to think of the words to describe my world. Again, this is assuming that eyesballs someday lay eyes on this... and with that, I would like to introduce Pinterest by a Podunk Princess. A work in progress, but aren't we all... and wouldn't the original cover illustration of The Magic Finger make an cool tattoo? 
 lead us into temptation...

I love my blog, and I visit it, and enjoy the memories, and laugh, and edit, and add to (or remove from) it, and realize that sometimes words just ruin it (insert musical line here) Ahhh, HAIR... my eyes are open, my eyes are open... and with that, welcome to the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. I can't tell if it's sucked my soul or given me back my soul. Just a note: I don't do DIY... but you've probably figured that out by now.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I Did On Spring Break!

Stephanie isn't here, Mrs. Torrence...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Word is Love.

YAY! The latest Jewelbox newsletter has finally hit the world wide web! Why don't you cozy up to it with a cup of tea -  if not to follow our Valentine's Day Promotion (see above photo - it's a great campaign to have stuck in my head), then to at least see where I work. :).  The Jewelbox  is my day job/second home/pod (as in "Don't leave the pod! Bad things happen when you leave the pod!" - as spoken by my friend, Jill, on just about any Dead Tour), so share your love - and  like and fan and and share and bookmark and link to - because I worked really really hard on it. And because I think you might find it interesting. And because fuel is so expensive these days. Now go picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

Friday, January 24, 2014

I Wish I Worked at Zappos

Thank you to Zappos for keepin' it "just plain right"

That last one is brilliant marketing. Raise?