Sunday, February 5, 2012

When Love Comes Knockin' At Your Door

You're gonna see - and probably hear - this phrase (ahem, song title) a lot.

File it under "Couldn't Plan It Any Better".

To understand the journey my sister and I have been on over the last 40-50 years is to realize that as difficult as some of our childhood situations may have been, we do share some happy memories... and on the list of funnest happy memories that haven't disintegrated with aging brain cells is a hazy duet performed at the family piano.  The song? The Monkees' "When Love Comes Knockin' At Your Door".  I don't know if I was even old enough to understand the words. But I love the Monkees. Enough so that my sister - in another grand act of sisterly love - took me to see Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart at The Riverboat in the Empire state Building for my 10th birthday (read: she was 16)... but I digress...

I can't remember if we did it for fun, or for Henrietta, or because our parents "had company over".  Did we even practice?  To this day that song reminds me of bopping my head to my sister's piano chords and sharing a "wow, she really loves me" moment, and it has been on every mix tape we have sent to each other over the years.

And now we really are Knockin'... as in Avon Calling...  and it's gonna be a magic carpet ride, so little girl now don't you run and hide... oh wait... here.  Although THIS is even better! (Lisa... acoustic guitar... hint hint).

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Just Let Me Finish This Chapter said...

That night at the show was SO much fun even though I was definitely suffering through one of my least attractive "fashion" stages ... the silk scarf tied around my neck as if it would hide the quadruple chin.

I had a friend at the radio station who was an accomplished groupie and was trying to somehow use her feminine wiles to get through to the group in advance so we could get Micky to give you a shoutout from the stage but it never came through. Sorry.