Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodbye Yellow Brick Podunk Road...

I love the Ithaca DMV. The ladies there make a mildly profound administrative task such a pleasure. My driver's license expired on my 46th birthday last week and I waited, of course, until the last possible minute to get it renewed. So I took the gorgeous Finger Lakes afternoon off work, having practiced my next ID smile in the mirror all day, cursing having a birthday in March. March birthdays suck when it comes to photo ID's. I'm never tan. Anymore. And I'm always wearing a scarf.

Strangely, while I was excited to not have to look at the current horrible, little picture of  pre-diagnosed, sick, skinny Stephanie with the stupid black hair and zit-from-nowhere anymore - it's amazing how much can happen in eight years - was officially changing my address. Having left our old house on Podunk Road only three years ago, my driver's license still reads Podunk Road.  I love that. So at the Ithaca DMV, on my 46th birthday, I waved one last good-bye to Podunk Road. My new official identification card will read Arden Road. But can I still be the Podunk Princess?

From Park to Arden...? Meh. Arden doesn't even mean anything, but it sounds pretty. It's often a name of a person or a place. The only Arden I ever knew was the sister of our creepy landlord in back in New Paltz. She was nice, though. So is Arden Road.

In a few weeks I will see my new driver's license and say hello to a post-cancer, salt and pepper (read: gray), short-haired, funkily bifocaled, dangerously make-up-free, middle-aged woman with a HUGE GRIN and Springy PEEEENK scarf..

And a little lip gloss. Like a true Podunk Princess!

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