Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Thank you Natalie Dee for nailing it this morning. You chose a really pretty pink. Which reminds me...

poo poo in a tutu
Only a few days left until the BIG WALK.  Four months of "training"... walking, fundraising, worrying, prepping, and generally trying not to buy anything and everything PINK.

I think my sister may have beat me to it, though... this is like prom/first date/Dana's first date/HS play/Dana's HS play for her...you get the idea. Lisa has cornered the market on PEEEENK. She's even blinged up Mr. Hankey for the Walk (note the awesome tiara!).

So this is my last minute GOING OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND ON A REALLY IMPORTANT WALK donation sale/plea.

this is not photoshopped
Just click HERE so you don't miss out!  Every dollar gets used and reused and then used again because for every one breast saved, two more are touched... or something like that. (Sorry, I'm exhausted and I haven't even laced up my awesome PEEEEEENK sneakers yet.)

On your right... this is me at a gym (or some kind of minimalist exercise facility). I know y'all think I have mad Photoshop skills, but this one's for real. If you've already donated, THANK YOU for your support.  If you haven't, WTF are you waiting for???  Our little two-person team Winston Cups: Hope & Diamonds has already raised over $12,000!!!  Every little bit helps... it really really does. CLICK HERE NOW!

If you're just catching on... go to www.winstoncups.com and check out our groovy web site dedicated to the walk.  I'll get caught up on the  Honor Roll page after the walk...

Wellness Village, here we come!!!!!!!

Can I get a "Hell Yeah"??? And then maybe a nice Epsom Salt bath and foot massage....

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