Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Been a While

Has it really been six months since I last posted?

Well, if you've been on Facebook, you may already know the trials and tribulations of life on Porcupine Farm (or in my four YoVille homes... that's so sad...). I've had my employment hours cut in half (yes, I know, the international sign for little violins) and have learned to live without necessities like People Magazine and brand name body cleanser... I just recently had the epiphany that "paying with a credit card" is an oxymoron... even sadder, I know. I do miss Sephora and Aveda and Kipling.... but my life is richer now with so many more - ummmm... oh yeah, my FRIENDS!!! Thank you, Facebook. And thank you for finally unlocking the tall lattes. So, when can we access the barrel costumes?

We recently received a phone message from our vet, Dr. Richard Orzeck at Trumansburg Veterinary Clinic. (There's an inherent shout out to his wife, Teresa, who is the other 75% of the practice.) There is not a nicer couple on this earth, and listening to his message brought me to tears. Someday I wish I could link to it. Or even transcribe it... but suffice to say he called because he wanted us to just bring the boys in for their shots and he would take care of us because he understands everything we've been through and that we are good people and that things will turn around and everything will be okay... and that he means that from the bottom of his heart.

This is Yin and Yang of life in Podunk... the "Nothing is Everything" farm field that I harvest now. I went through it with breast cancer (in the extreme physical sense) - and now my wallet is no longer a wallet if doesn't have anything in it except my health insurance card which I show more than my driver's license these days. I should just fill my (yes, Icon) wallet with photos of the people who make life richer. And make Dr. Orzeck and Teresa the cover shot.

Well, gotta go hoe!

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