Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swivel Head or Double Blade...

When shaving legs on a budget, it is important to not forgo the swivel head option. Revert to double blade if you must, but swivel is the key to not ripping the flesh of of your ankles. If you are going to splurge, splurge at Isle of Eden. My sister turned me onto this independent mail order company - and while I can probably give up my pilgrimages to Sephora in Rochester now, I will scrimp and save for Isle of Eden's "Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me" Sugar Scrub. And I loooove when my sister sends me vanilla and coconut scrubs and potions - just because she loves me... hint hint... maybe for the fourth anniversary of my mastectomy (snap, that's cold... playing the cancer card!) - I'm down to my last tub of Carousel of Lost Souls Shaving Mousse.

Anyone want to hear my idea about designer band aids?

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Anonymous said...

Princess Podunk, (sorry, I read many of your posts, and while I can recite the names of your dogs, friends, husband, and parents, I don't think I saw your name once!)
I stumbled on your blog while I was googling for tattoos. Wow, consider me your newest fan! I love your writing style, and found that we have many things in common. I have a pink ribbon tattoo, acquired on my last day of treatments to ward off any evil cancer spirits ;), I rescue dogs, as well as many other animals, love your taste in music and recreation, and mostly, I love your blog! I also write, though not in blog form, and dabble in other various creative outlets as well. I've never lived on Park Avenue, or Podunk, but rather in a mid-sized city in Alabama. I've always thought I was an outcast in highschool too, but since I joined Facebook, I've learned that I was one cool chick! Next month, I will be a one-year survivor, and I plan to get a Tree of Life tat to mark the occasion, and a few weeks after that, I will be turning 40! WOOHOO! Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your blog, and felt somehow connected to you. And no, I'm not some wierd stalker lady. :) If you want one more Facebook friend, I would consider it a blessing.

Love and Light,
Kimberly Leggett (the profile pic with the pink ribbon)