Tuesday, September 16, 2014


i know i'm supposed to be a wordsmith but i just see blank canvas right now.  i see polaroids.  i see daydreams. i see my parallel universe... getting too deep for ya? a photo says so much more than a person ever can.

Where did the journey start?


I love when you see my building in this shot.
You have no idea how much trouble we could into in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. April and I got kicked out the Temple of Dendur for eating poundcake in it. Guard not happy...
But the poundcake was from Greenberg's! It was soooooo good.

So now it's the country life.

And I root for my boys!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
And it's Chase Season!!! #nascar

So I keep on keepin' on. What can I say?

Besides, whatever I can say, Natalie Dee can say it better

Oh, and I'm growing my hair out. Just in case you confuse me with someone who has an awesome pixie cut the I love and I miss, but I just can't afford. Oh well... and growing out hair is like having a new toy... or a new pet! Except humidity is a b*itch! I need to learn how to use a blow dryer.

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