Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Alternate Universe

A place where there are no worries or regret or anger or sin. 

Maybe it's what Heaven will kinda look like.

It's my forever.

It serves up a jaw-dropping Bloody Mary for $10!!!

And everyone has 20/20 vision! PERFECT eyesight!

I would be a Marketing & Advertising Guru (yes, +GEICO Insurance, I am talking to you) and then I could afford repairs the repairs necessary to pass inspection, and maybe have a little left over to visit my best friend in Atlanta as alerts below $300 are running far and few between.

Actually this photo was taken at Casa De Lewellen. HAH!

Now you know why I have an Alternate Universe.

Crying at all is not allowed...

And every car has a WHO plate.


and every evening ends with this.

I like my alternate universe.

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