Thursday, January 12, 2012

Avon Calling: Hypocrite in a Pink Ribbon?

Okay. I know why I've been stressed. But now I know why I am IN IT.

I've been struggling to rally. To fund raise. To be part of the Crusade ('cause quite frankly Jews shouldn't be crusading anything, especially with a capital C). I hate asking for money (my Dad is laughing his arse off in Heaven right now). I don't even like Trick or Treating!  I'll just buy my own candy, thanks.

I've been "pink ribboning" it for six years now.

IBCA Walkathon 2005
Being a survivor from the Class of 2005, I've supported/been part of YSC (Young Survival Coalition), LBBC (Living Beyond Breast Cancer), Feel Your Boobies (thank you Leigh for being such an inspiration that I am drinking hot cocoa from my now-collector's FYB Bistro Mug at this very moment!), ACS (American Cancer Society) Relay for Life (honored to be the keynote speaker at a kick-off dinner, it is the spark that created my video), and , of course, most dear to my heart, CRCFL (Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes) - formerly the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance, I served on their board of directors for three amazing years, and was floored when a photo of my bandana-headed, bald self graced the back cover of their new brochures. (Click photo to enlarge)

I have a fucking pink ribbon tattoo. I opted not to have nipples. I could write a book about making the world a "mastectomy-friendly" place - heavy doors and high shelves suck, and a crammed clothing rack is forbidden fruit.

I've just been having trouble getting around the "finding a cause and a cure" part. Don't get me wrong... I am all about awareness. And access to treatment for those who need it, and of course medical research - I am a poster child for early detection. And I feel horrible for the people who suffer.

But why this Avon Walk? Why now? Why not crusade to find a cause and/or cure for drunk driving, or murder, or suicide, or child abuse, or war, or misread x-rays, or nicotine addiction? What about Fracking? And why oh why didn't we think of The Winston Knockers as a name! (Hellloooooo.... Avon calling!)

I feel like a hypocrite raising money for a non-local, mega-corporate, glossy covered foundation (SPF 15 please)... even if it is a kinda cool brand with some pretty good products. I do like the Skin So Soft line.

Then I realized... This one is not about me. I am IN IT for the person who let me name the team. The one who chose a tear-jerker photo for her fund raising page. The one who introduced me to National Lampoon and NRBQ and pot. The one who is getting ready for this walk like it's her first date.

I am walking for my sister. She has my support to support me.

And I need to let people know that this one is for HER. Her invitation to have me walk my feet off with her made me feel so honored, so appreciated, so "sure!", so cognizant of the fact that I will be walking in the memory of way too many people that aren't here to bore you with a blog.

If someone wants to honor me, cool... but as the "survivor part" of the Winston Cups: Hope & Diamonds team, I really really want to honor her.

For honoring me.

I love you, Lisa! Just please, no pink boas...


Unknown said...

ok - this would be the perfect place to put a link to your fund raising page....hello!!!!

Just Let Me Finish This Chapter said...

I didn't inhale.