Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Confession Time

Summertime BluesOkay, I admit it.
I'm OCD when it comes to color-coordination. I follow one basic fashion rule (mine), so take note to prevent those nasty looks of the Clash Police (great billing): Footwear complements Bag > influences Lip Color > highlighting "style trifecta" of Hat + Scarf + Gloves.

And something must always sparkle!

Matching your dog never hurts. Or seasonal outdoor furniture.

My evening clutch doubles as a raceday purse.
Going formal? I've found that using a "vintage" tin lunchbox as an evening clutch makes a great conversation piece. Especially when it's NASCAR-themed, which is just cool anywhere, really, and totally puts the FUN into business FUNction. Chris was horrified, but it was a hit at a recent conference I attended in Richmond, Virgina. The apple red of Bobby Labonte's 18 (his Interstate Battery days) matched my "merlot" Norma Kamali dress perfectly. No photos to prove it. But that's the clutch... *sigh*

This post was brought to you by Fashion Week in NYC. I'll be the one with the NASCAR lunchbox. :)

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