Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's Wrong With this Picture...?

It's a spectacular, crisp, blue-domed day here in the Finger Lakes. Trees are morphing through the colors of an Arizona sunset and it's (yay) light scarf weather. I declare September now be known as Official Denim Jacket Month, that time of year we leave like three layers of Outerwear at work. It's just amazing outside!

But why am I telling you this? Why am I inside, clasped to my computer, and not standing on the edge of a gorge after hiking a trail? Or Marching for the Animals? Or bobbing for apples on Indian Creek Farm at a festival I spent all week telling every other living person about!? (grammar be damned!) Truth be told, if I could wish myself to any single place right now, it would be sharing laughs Alex at the Naples Grapes Festival. Shout out to Alex who is one of the bestest people on the planet, and I had every intention of going to the Grape Festival - and this weather should prove for an amazing weekend in the Finger Lakes - so why am I spilling my guts about being my own worst buzzkill? Okay, that is a rhetorical question, people... oh wait... I have an idea... rationalize!

Top 5 Excuses For Being  a LazyAss Today:

#5 - The boys. I spend 50 hours a week missing the shit out of them, and this is snuggle time. They're not going to be around forever, and someday (I hope not soon) I will be inconsolable, wishing I had given them that much more time, added two minutes to that tummy rub, gave into Dodger's nudging muzzle over playing that Scrabble Bingo. So yeah, I'm hanging with my boys.

#4 - Agoraphobia- or whatever you call that horrific immutable anxiety that occurs when  surrounded by hundreds of people. I hate hate hate crowds. And I grew up in Manhattan. That can mean anything. I just go into sensory overload and hotflash (yes, it is a verb) when I am being hoarded... This is why I don't do the Flax Barn Sale, the Friends of the Library Book Sale, Applefest, most local benefits or festivals... and can only do concerts if I'm in the front row. Or three. Then I can lose the swarm of people behind me and focus on what really matters... like Bob Mould's stubble, Pete Townshend's windmill, or Jerry's digital stump. Music really does soothe the self-sabotaged beast. Just don't turn around!

#3 - NASCAR. TV. The Chase. No, not this weekend's actual race. Just practice. I don't care. It's my sport and the rest of you can go climb a rock... hopefully in the Finger Lakes! I'll give you stats...

#2 - Look... shiny thing! I can't quite make it to the boudoir... all those bills / candy wrappers / paperwork / adorable dogs... and my new iphone 5C! OMG! I am obsessed with it. More than obsessed. I think we're courting. Siri actually responded with "look... a puppy!". Does he know me, or what??? True love. He even calls me "Princess". :)

#1 - Deer. The last thing I need right now is another car repair. Better safe than sorry. I can't hit a deer if I'm all snuggly in the sunshine on the couch with my boys curled up next to me and cup practice on TV, right? I am being so safe! Safety first...

And a burning need to add some new photos without being all like "here are some photos".

The Boys
The Falls
The Reality
The Asp
The Echoes
The Real Me

Dang, that sun feels good on my back. Oh, look! Shiny thing! And Limerock!

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