Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Liza - my BFF of 40 years. She is the bestest!
I know... right??? It's been ages since I last did what I love most... blabber on about boobs or NASCAR. I probably just scared the poop out of you with that alert - all three of you who follow me. What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Well, I've been kinda busy with new job. And tired. Okay, I'm exhausted. It's a horrible catch 22 - it's so tiring to be tired all the time! But who am I to complain... even after a good amount of that blip of a summer was spent tenting under soft bedsheets with a migraine, a fifteen year-old air conditioner, and Stinky and Stanky. Chris has been an angel and patient and tells me I'm beautiful even after I've been in the same jammies for 3 days. A lot of channel surfing between Duck Dynasty and Downton Abbey - as my ipod shuffles from Cheap Trick to Trace Adkins. Saw Bob Mould at The Haunt - that was awesome. Got to see Indigo Girls and Joan Baez at Chastain Park in Atlanta with my BFF of 40 years, Liza. I spent quality time with Skipper and Slouch - we think they're about 12 or 13 now. I've been dreaming of our future RV life, but hate that pang in my gut when we see a really sweet set up. So I'm living in the now... ummmmmmm.... then.... whatever oh, and on Twitter ( spppooooooky). Here are some new pix to follow my pitiful prose. #fromparktopodunk.

Words just ruin it.
East, sleep, breathe... love.
The Snog - ESTO conference
Next door - I heart those girls. #fromparktopodunk

Ahhhhh.... feels so good to get that out.
I HAVE to get better about linking...

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